How to view folders in Google Docs

So you’ve gone into Google Docs to view your files, and you’re presented with a screen of file thumbnails or a list. But where are your folders? You look around the interface and cannot find a way to view folders. What’s going on? This is one of those things can drive a person nuts because the answer is so simple, but not necessarily obvious.

The truth is you cannot view folders in Google Docs. The Docs home page ( only shows you the document files you have in Drive. It doesn’t display your folders or allow you to organize your files. To see the folder structure you need to go to either your Google Drive folder on your computer, or login to

However, if you want to move an open Docs file to a folder, you can click on the little grey folder icon at the top of the document. You’ll then see a pop-up window showing your Drive folders. You can now select a folder where you want to move your file to, or even create a new folder.

Click the folder icon to see your Google Drive folders and move your file.

If you want to learn more about creating folders and moving files to folders in Drive, find out more here: Organize your files in Google Drive.

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